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10 septembre 2018 | Hunting

Hunting & Chasing tutorial

Hunting dinosaurs and finding them at dedicated places cannot be easy. It's very difficult to find at least two or tree epic dinosaurs in a day, and it's even more difficult when you have to up them to high levels.

You will find bellow a tutorial to better improve your hunts and find dinosaurs more easily while learning the basics of good hunting.

The hunt : a matter of skill & time

Hunting a dinosaur is not easy at all, you have short time to collect as much DNA as you can. But dinosaurs are not easy to hunt depending on which kind it is. A T-rex is much more difficult to catch while a Velociraptor is one of the most easy.

Collecting DNA is also harder depending on the rarity of the dinosaurs. An epic dinosaur is harder to catch while a basic one is very easy, and it's because of the rewards. An epic gives less DNA while a basic gives 50% more.


What you need to learn for a great hunting

You have something around 23 seconds to hunt a dinosaur before the timer ends up. And you have something like 17 seconds when you are not VIP. It's very short and it's why you have to care about some points.

1) Take your time to hunt a dinosaur

2) Get to know the dinosaur very well (moves, behavior, place of the target, etc...)

3) Anticipates moves of the dinosaur

4) Train a lot, nothing comes from itslef.


The dinosaurs spawns

The spawns of the dinosaurs are not completely random. It's a matter of dedicated places where they often spawns. The website Metahub has done a great job by providing us some information about the different spawns.

Here are bellow all screens that you must learn to find any dinosaurs you want. They do not always spawn there, but there is a bigger chance to find them at those places, so remember them well.

Credits to Metahub


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