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24 septembre 2018 | Tips & Tricks

How to play lethal wound strategy

As the new update is completely out now, brand new strategies are included in the game. The biggest changes was made on wounding strikes and a completely new ability, called SIA strategy or swipping-in strategy came out also.

You will find bellow a tutorial on how to play letal wound strategy as it does insane damages on duration to your opponents.

What is lethal wound and how does it work ?

Letal wound are abilities that makes damages on duration. The opponent start to bleed a lot for many turns and loses a lot of health. Wounding is based on the maximum health of the opponent. So, if you are facing a tanky dinosaur with lots of health, you will deal more damages on duration.

To better play the wounding strategy, you will need some dinosaurs that can perfectly work togheter to better increase the wounding damages, because yes, the wounding strikes can be cumulated to make a complete bloodshed.

You will find bellow the best letal wound dinosaur of the game. To play the strategy, it's a must have to win in battles because Spinotasuchus got the automatic swap which is the key to a great wounding combo. Have a look at the dinosaur and learn him before continue the article.


Rarity: Legendary
Tier: Alpha
Health: 3750
Armor: 0%
Damage: 1270
Speed: 129
Critical: 20%

Moves & abilities

Critical Impact: Chance of Critical attack increased by 40%. Deal 1.5x damage.

Cooldown: 2 turn
Lethal Wound: Deal 1x damage.

Inflict .3x damage per turn for 3 turns.

Cooldown: 2 turn
Strike: Deal 1x damage.

Simple normal attack, so just don't use it lol
Swoop: Inflict 0.25x wound for 2 Turns.

Auto Swap to Next Creature.

About Spinotasuchus

Spinotasuchus is really fast. This dinosaur is really letal. He can apply twice wounding strikes that makes the opponent bleed up to 50% of this total health every turn, for maximum 3 turns. This is total insane. He is a able to boost his criticals up to 45% and can be automatic swapped to another dinosaur. He is very good in the SIA strategy.

How to play Spinotasuchus

Spinotasuchus is not complicated to play. Begin with a critical strike if you are faster and if the opponent is not a tank. You can than apply your wounding effects to make the opponent start to bleed and swap him to another dinosaur. Take him back after to do the same strategy again.

How to counter Spinotasuchus

Spinotasuchus is fast, but not immune to negative effects and his wounding damages can be stopped with a superiority strike or an instant cleaning. Make sure to swap if you can't remove the wounding damages. If yes, than clean yourself, apply him negative effects and you will take easily the advantage as the Spinotasuchus is not really tanky and can't tank high damages.

The team you need to combo in arena

If you want to make a great wounding strategy, you will need the right letal dinosaurs team to make it happen. You will find bellow what you need to destroy everything in arena and have fun.

Don't try the strategy without Spinotasuchus because it will be less effective in battle, anyway, you can still test without but it's not recommended. You will find here bellow the team you need to do a great strategy.


How does the strategy work ?

Start using Spinotasuchus with the first wounding strike to make the opponent start bleeding. Use next your automatic wound strike and try to make it swipe to Suchomimus to add again a wounding effect. By combining both in the same turn, the opponent will bleed by 75% of his health. He will have to swap to survive or lose his dinosaur. At this stage, you cannot swap for 2 turns. Try to save the Suchomimus alive and take again the Spinotasuchus to repeat the strategy. If your opponent does have superiority strike or a cleasing impact, make sure to swap to Suchotator and play with the bleeding/instant cripple to make him stuck on superiority strike forever. You can also use spinotaraptor for the speed and decreasing damages. It's strongly recommended to learn play all of them to make them combine in the perfect way. Suchotator is also able to take the advantage of speed and clean himself. Use all abilities to swap correctly and make sure you use the SIA ability.

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