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10 septembre 2018 | Dinosaurs

How to counter trykosaurus very easily & fast

Trykosaurus can be a monster in arena. He has got armor, deals a lot of damages and can do an instant invincibility if things are going bad. His counter attack is really powerful aswell.

You will find bellow a tutorial on how you can counter Trykosaurus in the most easy way as possible with normal dinosaurs.

Understand how Trykosaurus works

As said before, Trykosaurus can deal a lot of damages and can be a real problem if you don't have the package to destroy him fast. Trykosaurus is maybe powerful but has a crazy disadvantage : He needs to wait the second turn to deal crazy damages. That will be the key to counter him.

Let's first see all the details of Trykosaurus so you can learn how he works, because the knowledge is the first counter tip to any dinosaurs.


Rarity: Unique
Tier: Apex
Health: 4500
Armor: 30%
Damage: 1660
Speed: 102
Critical: 20%

Moves & abilities

Armor Piercing Rampage: Deal 2x damage, bypassing Armor.

Cooldown: 1 turn Delay: 1 turn
Armor Piercing Strike: Deal 1x damage, bypassing Armor.
Defense Shattering Rampage: Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 2x damage.

Cooldown: 1 turn Delay: 1 turn
Instant Invincibility: Act first. Shield 100% for 1 turn.

Cooldown: 3 turn
Counter-Attack (0.25): Deal 0.25x damage after receiving but surviving damage.

About trykosaurus

Trykosaurus is one of the best tyrannosauridae. It's a strong dinosaur that got all the package to hit hard and defeat lots of opponent. Thanks his counter attacks and his massive damages, he is able to kick out most of the dinosaurs in one-shot. He also got an instant invincibility to avoid punishment.

How to play Trykosaurus

Trykosaurus avec many delays on most of his biggest attacks. The first turn you are only able to use your normal strike. The next turn use immediately your Armor piercing rampage to deal lots of damages or use your Defense shatering rampage to break shields. If the situation goes bad, use your instant invincibility, but don't forget that shield breakers opponents overpass the invincibility. You can use your counter attack to kill when you swap for him.

How to counter Trykosaurus

Trykosaurus avec many delays on most of his biggest attacks. He can only use his minimal strike at turn #1. The best idea is to take a dinosaur with more speed and able to break shields, deal lots of damages and to stun well. Sarcorixis, Dimetrodon, Paramoloch, Tryostronix are dinosaurs that are able to easily take down a Trykosaurus.

Which dinosaurs are the best versus Trykosaurus ?

The best dinosaurs are dinosaurs that are able to stun Trykosaurus, apply negative effects such as wounding strikes, decreasing damages. It's strongly recommended to start first.

It's good also if u take a shield breaker to avoid Trykosaurus's instant invincibility. Here bellow you will find all best dinosaurs that are really strong against Trykosaurus.


Sarcorixis, a good basic dinosaurs against Trykosaurus

Sarcorixis is surprisingly a very good counter against Trykosaurus. He is faster, deals good damages, can stun up to 75% and lockdwown strike to achieve him very easily. It's strongly recommended to build this dinosaurs as he just got an up. He has a SIA ability to get up to 50% shield for 2 turns.


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