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10 septembre 2018 | Dinosaurs

How to counter Indoraptor with basic dinosaurs

Indoraptor is certainly one of the most difficult dinosaurs to counter when you don't have the package in your team. He is fast, deals a lot, can dodge direct damages, clean himself from negative effects and get a lot of critical damages which is totally insane.

You will find bellow a tutorial to learn how you can counter him bith basic dinosaurs. It will help you in battles when you will face him.

First look of indoraptor

As said on top, Indoraptor is a very strong dinosaur that is able to destroy a lot of opponents. However, he doesn't have the ability to take all time the advantage due to being not immune to negative effects. This will be the key to work on in order to take him down.

Here under you will find the basic statistics of Indoraptor, and his moves and a short description of him. Read it carrefully before you keep reading the article.


Rarity: Unique
Tier: Apex
Health: 3750
Armor: 0%
Damage: 1400
Speed: 128
Critical: 20%

Moves & abilities

Armor Piercing Strike: Deal 1x damage, bypassing Armor.
Cleansing Impact: Cleanse self. Deal 1.5x damage.

Cooldown: 2 turn
Defense Shattering Rampage: Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 2x damage.

Cooldown: 1 turn Delay: 1 turn
Evasive Stance: Act First. Gain 50% chance to Dodge direct damage for 3 turns.

Cooldown: 3 turn

About Indoraptor

Indoraptor is one of the most popular dinosaur in the game. But not the strongest one. Indoraptor is very powerful but has some weak points that makes him very vulnerable. He is very fast, can clean himself from negative effects, deal lots of damages and dodge attacks for 3 turn. He is not immune to negative effects like Indominus Rex, so he basically lose his ability to keep the constant advantage in game.

How to play Indoraptor

The best way to play Indoraptor is to anticipate the ennemy moves. Try to keep the cleasing impact versus slowing impact, decreasing damages abilities. It will help you remove the negative effects and continue keeping the advantage. Use your evasive stanse when the situation is not favorable to you or when u have low health or you are against a strong damage dealer. Use defense shattering rampage as soon as possible and when opponent got shields and instant invincibility abilities.

How to counter Indoraptor

Indoraptor is not immune to negative effects. This point will be your best edge to increase your chances of destroying him early. Try to pick stunning creatures like Stegoceratops or Paramoloch that got lots of stuns. Instant stun charge is a must have to counter him well, because it goes before evasive stanse. So keep apply him negative effects after his cleasing impact to keep getting advantage. Don't forget Indoraptor cannot avoid damage on duration, evase stance only blocks direct damages.

Basic strategy

In order to keep the advantage, you will have to look about the speed. Indoraptor has got 128 speed, this means he will start first in mostly all the situations. Speed is a key in the game that you must understand to win a round correctly.

To take advantage on Indoraptor, when you don't have more speed than him, you need to look at negative effects suchs as decreasing speed, decreasing damages, or wounding strikes. Indoraptor can clean himself, but not every turn, because his abilities do have cooldowns. Instant invincibility, shields, will not longer be nice due to Indoraptor being a shield breaker.

The basic dinosaurs you that can counter him

Here bellow you will find the best 4 basic dinosaurs that are able to counter the indoraptor if played correctly. Take note of everyone. One dinosaur will not be able to kill the Indoraptor. But you have to switch and use the SIA strategy to take the Indoraptor down. You can for example start with Velociraptor, use Girafatitan next, and switch to Suchomimus to apply a huge wounding strike and than kill it. You need to play smartly and think about every moves.


Why those dinosaurs ?

Those 4 basic dinosaurs are the only ones that could destroy an indoraptor if you don't have the package for. Tanycolagréus has got 130 speed, can deal some nice damages and is able to cancel positive effects. Indoraptor cannot buff himself but Tanycolagréus has enough health to take damages from the indoraptor and still make some nice damages. Suchomimus is not strong, but is able to affect wounding strike after swapping-in. This means that the indoraptor will at least lose about 1000 health minimum. Very good to take him down. Girafatitan is nice to take immediately the advantage. He is able to decrease the speed and get a shield of 50% for 1 turn. Velociraptor is the fastest dinosaur in the game and can pounce to deal a lot and decrease the damages of the opponent by 50% ! It can do the job.

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