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10 septembre 2018 | Tips & Tricks

How do scent capsules work ?

Hunting dinosaurs and finding them at dedicated places cannot be easy. It's why Jurassic World Alive decided to introduce scent capsules. Scents are very nice and allow people to still catch dinosaurs at poor zones & areas.

You can buy them at the store or drop them in the supply drops, but you can drop only one every 24 hours. So the best is to buy them, at least the basic ones because you can get, sometimes, rare and epic dinosaurs also.

The 3 starter scents

Those scents are the basic ones. They can attract dinosaurs of all sorts but mostly the ones that are dedicated to them. The basic one attract common dinosaurs, the rare ones attract rare dinosaurs and epic ones epic dinosaurs. But each scents have a small chance to attract dinosaurs from any rarity. So basically, if you use a rare scent, you can also attract epic dinosaurs into your area !!

Basic scents are only active for 5mins and rare, epic ones are active for 20mins. The prize of the basic ones are 50 bucks for 5, 200 bucks for 1 rare and 1000 bucks for 1 epic. Epics are very expensive so its why you need to hunt very well to catch a lot of DNA. Each scents give at least one dinosaur to the dedicated rarity.


How do you recognize scent dinosaurs ?

When you active your scent, you have a smoking area around you. It's an area of 50 meters where you will see new dinosaurs spawn. Scent dinosaurs stay as long as the scent is active. You can wait and catch them later. Many scent dinosaurs cant spwawn at the same place, so you do not have to catch them all if you don't want.


All scent capsules

As said on top, there are the started scents but you can also find dedicated scents that apply differently from the 3 previous ones. They can attract one family of dinosaurs for example the pterosaurs which is really good when you need to catch them for a fusion or anything else.


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